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C.S. Lewis Knew What Was Up

sign literature pub quote funny after 12 - 8278648320
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Some Drinking Games Require a Helmet

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Good Enough Reason to Go for a Drink

sign gives 2 reasons to come inside
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Mix Both and Make White Russians

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Some Bartenders Go to Great Lengths for Tips

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Is This Supposed to Be Encouraging

low cut blouses should be looked down upon
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Yes You Do

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A Wonderful Forecast

100% chance of beer!
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Simple Fact of Winter

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What Other Time Would it Be?

beer sign time pub funny - 8239712000
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Tequila Is Love

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This Is Very True

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Don't Pass Out at a Bar

drunk passed out pub funny - 8394113024
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Meanwhile in a Scottish Pub's Bathroom

pub scotland - 6393985536
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Where the Hell Am I Supposed to Get One?

beer sign pub funny women - 8284782080
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What a Deal

free half beer left at a pub
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