After 12


For That Kind of Money? Prank Away.

ketchup money passed out prank - 6035259904
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Did He Drink All Of Those?

like a chalk outline around a body.
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Good Luck Getting to Your Room

cups prank funny - 7443282176
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Somebody's Going to Get Silky-Smooth

Party passed out prank shaving cream - 5981755904
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bar prank Video - 79266817

Going to a Bar Seems a Lot Less Fun When They Act Like It's a Bank

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This Is A High Brow Prank

prank shave - 4439525632
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Music prank spring break funny Video - 69848321

SPRING BREAK: Motel Wakes Up Drunk Spring Breakers With "The Circle of Life

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A Hit to the Bottle

beer funny prank - 7935033856
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Booze News: Now You're Squeaky-Clean!

booze news drunk prank - 6079309568
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After Laying Down the Trap, the Elusive Sleeping Drunk is Finally Caught

duct tape Party passed out prank - 5972354048
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Looks Like Spidey Caught Another Crook

drunk funny passed out prank silly string Spider-Man - 4604586496
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Secure Beddings Are Essential

bed drunk passed out prank stacking - 4465739264
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The Most Confusing Hangovers

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He's Been There for a While!

drunk marker passed out prank sharpie shirt sidewalk - 4321964032
Created by ozzcar

First Rule of Passing Out: Don't Pass Out

passed out prank sharpie - 5913279744
Created by Scott Gensel

You Can't Text Your Way Out Of This!

couch drunk prank saran wrap - 4557488128
Created by Unknown
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