After 12


beer ads funny jerks prank - 58794497

How to Prank Random Jerks at a Bar

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wtf bathroom pub prank funny after 12 - 51162369

I Bet They Just Peed Again

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A Hit to the Bottle

beer funny prank - 7935033856
Created by Unknown

Looks Like Spidey Caught Another Crook

drunk funny passed out prank silly string Spider-Man - 4604586496
Created by jseven

Hope You Weren't Drunk Coming In

wtf beer pong prank funny after 12 g rated - 6112005376
Created by Kudos0524

I Can't Believe That Didn't Wake Him Up!

couch passed out prank - 4150463488
Created by Unknown

Right On Cue

Via chrishilldrop

A Nefarious Plot

birthday prank - 5591909888
Created by Unknown

Can't Tell if Good Tipper, Or Angry Customer...

Fail tip giver of a tip inside a glass of water that is upside down and full of water with the money inside the the water. Hard to tell if good tipper or angry customer.
Created by Unknown

What? They Couldn't Drive Home!

bros duct tape Party passed out prank - 5858653184
Created by Unknown

Impenetrable Party Armor

kick Party prank - 6048816896
Created by Unknown

Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bed Buds Bite

Via browncardigan

She Said She Wanted to Look at my DVD Collection

passed out pile prank stacked - 4838712064
Created by Unknown

Good Luck Getting to Your Room

cups prank funny - 7443282176
Created by Unknown

Trust Trowser Jazz

wine prank tasting funny - 8252184064
Via Kuvaton


chair drunk Party prank funny - 7147808000
Created by Unknown
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