After 12


At Least he Didn't Mess His Pants...

pants passed out poop wtf - 4408732672
By Unknown

Let's Hope That's Pudding

bed drunk gross passed out poop - 4495127808
By Unknown

Friends Don't Let Friends Get Away With Decimating The Bathroom

drunk, bathroom, note, gross, barf, poop
Via JediBurrell

A Beer Is Born

beer bottles butt poop - 4946132736
By Unknown

On My Party Hard Bucket List

bucket list funny Party poop - 8392109568
Via Brown Cardigan

Extremely Bad Times in 3... 2... 1...

blackout passed out poop unconscious - 6384729600
By SapientChinaDoll

Does the Type Really Matter That Much?

poop passed out - 5006958080
By Unknown

It's The Weekend! Party Til You're Pooped!

adventure time asian diaper facebook internet party hard Pokémon poop tumblr weekend - 5203592704
By Unknown

Side-Effects Include:

acid billboard bus stop drugs Hall of Fame poop poop joke - 5369236736
By Unknown

Hang On a Sec, Poop is Texting Me Again

AutocoWrecks poop sms text text message texting - 6417092608
By Unknown

Oh Sh*t

festival poop - 4925357568
By Unknown

Your Diaper is Full!

diaper eww full passed out poop shirtless - 4655275008
By Unknown

Make Sure You Know What You're Smearing...

chocolate drunk gross poop weird wtf - 4552865280
By Brendan

Poop Emoji for Your Beer!

poop emoji bottle opener!
Via Shapeways