After 12


Dammit, Dad!

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By The End Of The Night, I'll Definitely Get The High Score

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Ma'am, I Think You're In The Wrong Place

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The Kamehameha Is Impressive, Actually

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As Good A Place As Any

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When You Gotta Go...

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If Everyone Followed This Rule, the Size of This Site Would Be 50% Smaller

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Oh God Please You're Not Supposed to Do That There

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If You Get The High Score, Take 3 More Shots

bathroom drinking game high score peeing toilet - 5408349952

Just Pretend It's Not There

peeing urine - 4871907072

Just Gonna Borrow This For A Second

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For Your Convenience

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After That It Costs Double

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Leave A Drunk Unattended For Two Seconds, And This Happens

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Duuuuhdun... Duhhhhhdun...

peeing shark - 6698611968

Right Attitude, Wrong Idea

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