After 12


Well, It Looks Like a Toilet...

wtf drunk pee fridge funny - 8117128192
By anselmbe

Well That's a Surprising Improvement

beer pee comic - 7148248320
By Unknown

It's Cool, Man, You Pissed Your Pants But We're Still Bros

pee urine - 4941634304
By Unknown

Have You Ever Been So Drunk?

Drunk guy peeing at a urinal doing a handstand
Via Homamash

Who Put His Hand in Warm Water?

outside pants passed out pee urine - 4245658368
By roblombardi

This Way You Don't Have to Get Up to Get More Beer

a keg in a bathroom
Via Possibleleper

Party Till Your Pass Out and Urinate! Woo!

bottles pants passed out pee urine wtf - 4342703360
By Unknown

Pee Time Is the Best Time

beer pee funny after 12 g rated - 8288899840
Via Point Bierestagram

Conman in Blackpool Sells Urine as Whisky

conman sells urine as whiskey
Via Blackpool Gazette

You're Peeing Beer?

beer pee invention funny - 8132443648
Via unknown

He Really Had to Pee

drunk pee sleep passed out - 7939559424
By Unknown

Fireman Time!

hose pee rage comic - 5966556928
By Unknown

Need Money for Bathroom

ATM aww bad idea bathroom pee - 4307199232
By roblombardi

This Is How You Know You're Out For Good

bar club drunk passed out pee piss - 4468384512
By Richie

And He Is Still Going!

beer drunk fence pee piss - 4624542976
By Wegas

Know About Your Pee Health

medicine funny pee science after 12 g rated - 8242722304
Via Geeky Geek Week
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