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Watch These Drunk Moms Talk About Their Kids

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Just One Drink, Mom

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This is My CPS Badge!

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A Chip Off The 'Ol Bottle

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Mom Needs a Little Explanation

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The Shaming Strategy

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Mom's Making Special Brownies for Dessert

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See? Drugs And Alcohol Help Everything!

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Ruthless Dad with a Grade A 'Murican Mullet Shows up to Tailgate Just to Ice All His Son's Friends

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Hey Kid, How About a Little Less Whine?

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Parents Out There, I Have a Question for You...

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Booze News: It Runs in the Family

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Break It To The Little Ones Gently

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Anyone That's Ever Been Hungover Will identify With This Hilarious Hungover Baby

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Watch This Mother And Son Smoke Weed Together For The First Time

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How to Dad Presents: How to Deal With a Dad Hangover

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