After 12


That First Step Is A Doosey

drunk faceplant ouch passed out stairs - 4465094656
Created by jibberegg

That'll Be A Sticky Situation In The Morning

drunk ouch passed out - 4575998976
Created by ailsalawson

No Beer, No Fear

ouch scary FAIL gifs beers - 7245430272
Created by Unknown


ouch - 4154011648
Created by Unknown

The Place No One Would Expect!

ouch smuggling lady bits drugs Probably bad News - 6996996864
Created by G-Unit1111 ( Via The Smoking Gun )

Crap, I Think I Dropped Something Between the Seats

car ouch passed out taxi - 5969220608
Created by nevastreet

Whatever You Do, Don't Wake Up

chair couch drunk ouch passed out - 4556344832
Created by Unknown

Bet He Got A Good Night's Sleep

ouch passed out shopping cart tents wtf - 4404906496
Created by Unknown

Somebody Fell Asleep On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

bed drunk funny ouch passed out - 4535956224
Created by Unknown
crash FAIL falling down ouch Party stairs - 34747137

Congratulations, You Win a Broken Neck!

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ouch whoops drunk Video - 71700737

Drunk Woo Girls Sliding Down a Hand Rail, What Could Go Wrong?

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How Do I Makers Mark?

ouch whiskey eyes funny - 6980732672
Created by Unknown
ouch booze science funny after 12 g rated - 57700865

What Gives You the Worst Hangover?

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Oh, That Doesn't Look Comfortable

crash fall ouch passed out - 4743672064
Created by Unknown

Wow..Broke The Step!

head ouch passed out - 4338586880
Created by xxandiex

Probably Time To Go Home

drunk, fence, passed out, ouch
Via Brown Cardigan
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