After 12


Friends Don't Let Friends Get Away With Decimating The Bathroom

drunk, bathroom, note, gross, barf, poop
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Top Tier Disguise

beer clever disguise drunk in public note - 6074889216
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True King Of The Pride Lands

drunk lion king morning after note - 5807713792
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She's A Keeper!

awesome drunk funny morning note - 4589106176
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But This Is Cheaper Than Cable

drunk ladies note - 5802438400
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Get as High as You Want Just Please Be Courteous

weed smokers need to be courteous
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A Drunken Patron Stole and Returned an Irish Pub's Plaster Dog Decoration

funny facebook image drunk patron stole and returns Belfast pub's plaster dog decoration
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Just a Reminder Some People Have Better Boyfriends Than You

boyfriend note flowers funny dating g rated - 8377868544
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Won't Someone Think Of The Children?

angry children morning after note Party swearing - 5369237504
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Ever Been So High You Thought Doorknobs Were Food?

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Ecstasy Will Make You Do Some Weird Stuff

it's a shame her boyfriend is asleep. Free backrubs for all!
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Add a Little Symphony to Your Smashed Session

awesome glasses note funny - 6438082048
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Sometimes You Just Confuse Vodka for Water

water note vodka funny - 8225771776
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Drunk You: Still More Productive Than Sober You

drunk hangover list note - 6048856832
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Sometimes You Just Need a Beer Run

beer note package funny - 8148771584
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