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When the Moon hit's your eye like a big pizza pie you're blind Copernicus you got hit by a celestial body the size of Australia right in the face. 

Danny Has Some Thirsty Insights

Danny Has Some Thirsty Insights
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Power Goblet: Something More Sophisticated For Your Drinks

design moon power goblet shot glass - 6044523008
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Empty All Contents

butt friends moon passed out puke vomit - 4443053312
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The Crescent Moon Bottle Opener

beer bottle opener moon funny - 8415423744
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The Perfect Vision of the Future

beer moon astronaut funny - 8089903616
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3 Moon Night

butt drunk fire moon outdoors passed out - 4316578816
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There's a Beer Crater on the Moon?

beer moon funny - 8377001472
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The Butt Of The Joke

butt drunk moon pants passed out underwear - 4531110656
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