After 12


Got some blue suede shoes to go with those jeans? Jeans have truly come a long way from heavy-duty work pants, all the way up to halfway up the butt of whoever decided society needs to see half of their bum. So hike up your britches and enjoy the punniest jeans you've ever seen.

Eww...Don't Drink That

booty eww jeans straw - 4150465024
Created by Unknown

Public Service Announcement

bar jeans pub sign sunglasses - 5706983168
Created by Unknown

She Didn't Even Try to go to the Bathroom

jeans pants pee sad face urine - 4624628736
Created by Snake73

What're You Kids Up to These Days?

fire flame jeans lighter - 6240465408
Created by Unknown

She is One With Nature

jeans nature shoes - 4398526976
Created by katiebell