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That's a Serious Holster

beer invention holster funny - 7541788672
By Unknown

Absolutely the Best Invention

beer funny invention sign after 12 g rated - 7890622720
By Unknown

For When You Need a Beer, Then a Shot

beer invention glass funny shot - 7829872640
By Unknown
world beer invention documentary funny - 52217857

Beer Saved the World

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Want Wine? Get a Pod and a Laptop

wtf wine invention funny after 12 g rated - 7924263168
By Unknown

Hop on the Bar Bike

beer bike funny invention pub - 8196226304
Via Cetmacargo

Layering Master: Now Everyone Can Make Sweet Layered Cocktails

layered cocktails are a pain in the butt, until now!
Via Layering Master

The Dance Your Heart Out With Your Beer

beer dancing funny invention wtf - 8116483840
Via Breathing Balls
beer bottle opener fraternity funny invention wtf - 58842369

B.O.B (Bottle Opener Board) Cutting Board + Bottle Opener + Fraternity Paddle

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beer wtf invention Japan - 49247233

Japan Has Strange Ideas About Beer

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wtf technology invention jello shots Video - 69851649

Want an Easier Way to Make Jello Shots?

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Keep the Beer Out of Your Stache

beer invention funny after 12 g rated - 8402636544
Via Oddity Mall

You're Peeing Beer?

beer pee invention funny - 8132443648
Via unknown
beer bong drugs funny invention snoop dogg after 12 - 61753857

Snoop Approves of the Knockout Beer Bong

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beer invention chill funny - 55021057

Chill Your Beer Fast

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Get Your Beer Holster

beer awesome holster funny invention - 7908386304
By Unknown
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