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When You Got to Have it, You Got to Have It

man has sex with a post box
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Take a Hit and Breathe Easy

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Some Seriously Good Stuff

guy gets bath salts and it's good stuff
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Don't Pass Out at Hockey Games

don't get too drunk at hockey games.
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Drunk Ideas Are the Best Ideas

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Egyptians Knew the Dangers of Drinking

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How #@$&ing Romantic

nothing says love like Miller Lite
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Walking Uphill Is Tough When You're Drunk

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Stump+Booze+Bike= Incompetence

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Drinks and Video Games Can Lead to Someone Calling the Cops

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Off to Get Beer!

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Have You Ever Been So Baked?

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So Jealous of Seth Rogan...Never Thought I'd Say That

stanley cup beer Seth Rogen idiots funny - 8270550528
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Don't Spend That Much on Wine

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The Fish Tank Beer Bong...WHY?!

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All I See Is Wine

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