After 12


Looks Comfortable Enough

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Drink Up, Nerds

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They Almost Got Home With Their Beer

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Dolly Parton Can't Handle Her Wine

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The Party Foul Friends!

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Who Needs Wine/Food Pairings When You Have This!

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Maybe if They're All Light Weights

Michael from the office buys too much vodka
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Don't Spend That Much on Wine

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The Beer That Hates Hipsters

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Drunks Make Terrible Thieves

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Drunk History: James Cook Returns

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Woody McHales Renamed By LAZY New Owners.

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Have You Ever Been So Drunk?

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Stay Away From This Place

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Why Else Would You Look at Bottle Caps?

how bored can you be to look at bottle caps
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Opinions, Everybody Has One

don't tell me to stop drinking!
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