After 12


Polish those glasses and take a close look. These four-eyed memes and puns are loaded with laughs and and groans just waiting to be had. It will be quite the spectacle so make sure you don't blink, you'll miss it.

Drink Like a Metalhead

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Zoidberg Has Never Been So Classy

glasses wine Zoidberg funny after 12 g rated - 8272747008
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cigarettes glasses passed out smoking - 4395032064
By Shiloh

Any Age, Really

glasses old wine - 5920717568
By Unknown

Add Some Science to Your Wine Drinking

awesome glasses periodic table wine science - 8479345664
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How Do I Glass?

alcohol glasses instructions How To - 6792242176
By Unknown

It Certainly Would Makes Things a Lot Easier

alcohol glasses wine - 7113819904
By Unknown

Add a Little Symphony to Your Smashed Session

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The Unbreakable Glasses

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