After 12


Fight With the Warriors and Open Beers

beer bottle opener funny - 7592810752
Created by Unknown

The Cat Is a Mastar Balancer

beer Cats balance funny - 8227463936
Via Bar Napkins

That's Quite the Party Trick

wtf party trick funny college - 7020606464
Created by Unknown

Freedom Pong

awesome beer pong flag funny - 8278766592
Via Wilford Brimley's Bitch

Anheuser Busch Opens a "Bud Lab" at the University of Illinois

beer school funny bud - 7780632832
Created by Unknown

The Beer That Hates Hipsters

beer hipster idiots funny - 8379465216
Via Mr. Matt Debate

Ugh, That's Horrible

four loko craft beer funny after 12 g rated - 8102605568
Created by Unknown

Wolverine Only Has One Thing on His Mind

beer comics off the page wolverine funny - 7807075584
Created by Unknown

What Does Your Desk Look Like on Friday?

drink FRIDAY prank funny - 7443286784
Created by Unknown

You've Got That Right

beer sign wtf good funny - 8026412288
Created by Unknown

Thanks Jesus!

bottle funny wine water - 8153803776
Via unknown

You Know Her By Her Drink of Choice

beer dating booze funny sign women - 8015408640
Created by Unknown

Stop Doing That This Instant!

wtf passed out drunks funny - 7719792384
Created by Unknown

Let the Pub Give You What Santa Didn't

beer sign wtf funny pubs - 7975181824
Created by Unknown

Put That Pumpkin to Good Use

beer funny pumpkins keg - 8340766720
Via Serious Eats

I Need One of Those For My House

beer six pack awesome funny after 12 g rated - 8368525824
Created by Unknown
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