After 12


Pro Tip: Use Your Beard as a Beer Funnel

using your beard as a beer funnel
Via Dynasty07

I'd Take A Sip From That, If You Catch My Drift

after 12 alcohol bewbs funnel hidden ladies secret wine - 5522864640
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Head & Shoulders

beer FAIL funnel kitchen spill - 5156826880
Created by maxystone

Funnel, Boots, All Set

beer bong boots funnel - 4996690432
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So That's Where It Goes

beer bewbs drinking funnel moderation woo girls - 5145644288
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The Booze Hobo

beer funnel marker passed out sharpie - 4292577792
Created by mcveyla

Drink ALL the Liquors!

after 12 bong funnel liquor Rum vodka whiskey - 6472839424
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This Isn't Going To End Well

drunk funnel Party vodka - 4566521344
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