After 12


Where there's smoke, there's fire. These smokey jokes will have you peering through the haze for more. Just don't get too close to these raging puns and jokes, you might get burned.

Warning: Do Not Drink This

drink wtf bad idea fire vodka funny - 7485457920
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Check out This Bills Tailgater as He Jumps on a Flaming Table & Catches Himself on Fire

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He Won't Be Going to Burning Man This Year

fire flame on fire shots - 6417564416
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Oh, Canada

canadian hot tubs are so relaxing
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That Dude in the Mankini Just Burned My House Down!!!

bad idea fire house roof - 4599257088
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dogs drugs FAIL fire Video - 144390

Some Superheroes Wear Invisible Capes Because They Aren't a Superhero, They're Actually Just Really High

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Only Because You Need Fire to Make Beer

beer sign fire funny inventions - 8028647424
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FAIL fire dance Video - 79059457

Whooooa, Her Sex is on Fire... Really

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Umm, Wake Up Dude!

bed beer drunk fire gasoline passed out - 4611485952
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Booze News: Extra Beefy ID

booze news drunk drunk driving fire Hall of Fame id taco taco bell - 5308437248

The Club Is on Fire!

hair club fire funny - 8277630976
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What're You Kids Up to These Days?

fire flame jeans lighter - 6240465408
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Never Pass Out Near A Pyro

bad idea drunk fire outdoors passed out stupid tent - 4488072192
Created by Jon
FAIL fire crash weed - 83232513

Oh the Irony of a Van Filled With Cannabis Candies Up in Flames on a Highway

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Dammit All to Hell...

church fire Party - 6120824320
Created by dipa42
awesome bar coffee drink fire flaming mexico want waterfall - 27310337

All Drinks Should Involve Flaming Waterfalls

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