After 12


I'm falling deep in the sky. Slipping into these hilarious vertically challenged puns.

Things That Don't Mix Well #1894: Alcohol and Stairs

drunk falling sliding down the banniste stairs - 6327771648
By Unknown
gone drunk falling videos passed out - 46978305

Annnnnnnd She's Gone

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Don't Sit on the Awwww... Crap

collapse crash falling - 6229970944
By Unknown

Man Overboard

falling shopping cart - 4802071552
By niels.gagball
drunk falling steps Video - 20938753

You Missed a Step

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Drunk Stairs Are the Worst Stairs

alcohol falling too drunk - 7004068608
By Unknown
drunk falling passed out sidewalk staggering - 30428673

Just Going For A Stroll

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FAIL drunk falling Video - 72174849

Being Drunk and Walking at the Same Time is Hard, and He Knows It

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drunk falling trash can - 4771752960

Can We Drink This Art When We're Done With It?

drinking art falling bottles - 6878250496
By Unknown

It's Tricky, But You'll Get It Eventually

car demotivational falling Planking - 4897093120
By Unknown