After 12


In your face! Literally these jokes and puns are right up there so don't blink you might get smacked in the face by one.

They Start Off Young

drawing face marker passed out sharpie - 5103780352
By Unknown

I Wonder If He Even Notices

bathroom drunk face marker sharpie - 4498792192
By Unknown

What Have I Done

Dear God face Hall of Fame Party what have I done - 5111047680
By Unknown

Nice Hair

face hair marker passed out - 4418446592
By Rolis_


face passed out shaved - 4781759488

You're Drinking Wrong

face wtf smash wine funny - 7736865536
By Unknown

Underage Drinking DERP

Photograph that is a total fail because of the 'derp' factor
By ceecee

Half Pirate - Half Zombie?

face marker passed out sharpie - 4440808448
By Unknown

One of These Two Can Hold His Liquor More Than the Other

drunk face wasted - 4954776576
By delete-system

Pretty Damn Accurate

drunk face funny monkey - 8190980096
By anselmbe

His Face Is Always Like That

face Party photobomb - 4892406784
By Unknown

What's That on Your Face?

drawing face marker passed out - 4671022592
By Unknown

Somebody's Happy

beer cigarette drunk face Party weird wtf - 4552495872

A Serious Drinking Problem

airplane drinking problem face splash - 5081555712
By Unknown

Going to do Some Grilling on her Face?

face floor grill passed out stacking - 4222717696
By Steve Madden

She's Having A Good Time

face finger scary - 5016970752
By maxystone (Via