After 12

duct tape

What? They Couldn't Drive Home!

bros duct tape Party passed out prank - 5858653184
By Unknown

You're Creepin' Hardcore, Bro

bros duct tape - 6230173184
By Unknown

After Laying Down the Trap, the Elusive Sleeping Drunk is Finally Caught

duct tape Party passed out prank - 5972354048
Via Aniluk

There, I Fixed It

ceiling duct tape - 4904041728
Via College is Rad

Duct Tape is Pretty Strong

bad idea duct tape stuck wall - 4418436864
By Pokerule1

Handy Manny Gone Wild

drunk duct tape underwear - 4447999232
By Lola

Where Am I? Who Am I? Why Am I?

duct tape taped - 6229908992
By Unknown

This Night Will Not End Well

bad idea duct tape funny drinking games - 7456388096
By Unknown

Makeshift Prison

cardboard couch drunk duct tape passed out stacking tape - 4448412928
By Sam-jim

That's Gonna Hurt In The Morning

couch duck tape duct tape passed out wtf - 4418440448
By Pokerule1

A Creepy Blow Up Doll

blow-up doll duct tape eww passed out wtf - 4303726336
By joannabobanna

Is That a Talk Box From the Drive Thru?

drive thru duct tape passed out taco bell - 4276148736
By Unknown

Yeah. It Was an Interesting Night.

wtf stuck cop prank tree duct tape funny - 6795289088
By Unknown

Held for Ransom!

duct tape passed out - 4728210944
By stephshowss

Well, We've Tried Everything

bar drinking duct tape martini sign - 5821572608
By _AfterDarkness_

This Way No One Will Steal Your Beer

beer wtf duct tape funny - 8282119424
Via Zwsichenraum
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