After 12


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Drinking, the Song!

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The Art of Shakespearean Drinking

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Russians Always Have Good Drinking Buddies

Picture of russian drinking with bears
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I Wonder What Happens in Here?

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The Party Truck's Here!

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Crunk Critters: Ha Ha! You're So Funny, Sharky

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What Every New Year's Comes Down To

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Bad Decisions 101: Drinking an Entire Bottle of Jack in One Go

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BattleShots: Tron Edition

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See You In Class

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Drunk Shopping Cart Driving Is Dangerous Too

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Life Hack: How to Open Multiple Beers in One Simple Move

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This Coke Machine is Hiding the Entrance to a Bar

hidden bar image This Coke Machine is Hiding the Entrance to a Bar
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The Older You Get the Less You Can Drink

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Not For Amateurs

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Nothing Like a Drink While Enjoying Some Peace and Quiet

always drink in the bathroom
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