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Not Sure if This Is Sweet or Creepy

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Dr. Thirsty Is Creepy As Hell

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It Made for the Creepiest Party EVER

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The King Approves of Your Tomfoolery

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More Reasons to Just Stay Drunk

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Every Party Is Better In A Banana Suit

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Fascinating And Creepifying...

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This Is Simply Not True

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I Thought Cobra Was a Malt Liquor?

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Creepy Martini Shaker Wants to Make You a Drink

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Don't Drink From This Bottle, It's Creepy

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Old Absinthe Ads Are Creepy

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Truck drivers share some of their creepiest experiences from time out on the road | I had driven maybe 30 miles out into the farm land when hail started bouncing off my truck, being a MS native I knew in July hail meant tornado. I pull off to the side (I'm in the middle of no where no lights to be seen no cars behind or infront of me) and start looking for the storm/ tornado I believe is approaching. I rolled the passenger window down and shined a bright flashlight off into the night. Nothing

Truck Drivers' Spookiest Experiences

Best to read with the lights on.
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This is Possibly the Best Party Ever

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Midnight shift workers describe their spookiest experiences | chevy1500 9h like watch horror movies while doing midnights and while watching ring phone movie rings at exact same time my fax machine phone rings answer and nothing few secs. And get normal work fax lol, but still freaked out. Reply

Midnight Shift Workers' Spookiest Experiences

The world's brimming with unexplainable horrors.
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A Disturbing Bottle Holder

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