After 12


Ummm Yeah About That

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By Unknown
cork water funny trick - 52217601

Bet on a Cork

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He "Lettuce" Mess With Him

cork food passed out - 4418424064
By Lee

Once You Pop, You Can't Walk

champagne cork surprise - 5178750208
By finelytuned

Pops the Wine Cork Right Out

cork funny wine after 12 - 8304360192
Via Aaragon

That's a Weird Looking Cork

bottle cork wine funny after 12 - 8414922240
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You Just Got Screwed

cork wine opener sexy times funny after 12 - 7970066944
By Unknown

Hey Whatever Gets the Job Done

bottle cork knife wine - 6940721408
By Unknown

So Horribly Embarassing

cork wine opening funny - 7803766016
By Unknown

Someone Didn't Have a Bottle Opener

bottle opener cork funny wine - 8216118528
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Good Luck Getting That Out

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By Unknown

Just Keep Working on That Comfy Chair

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cork corkscrew wine wine bottle - 6095473920
By Unknown