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Preparing For Holiday Drinking the Right Way

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What Santa Does After Christmas

christmas beer drunk santa funny - 7975200512
By Unknown

Santa's About to Have the Best Christmas EVER

christmas santa claus - 6877605376
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The Whiskey Advent Calendar

christmas advent calendar whiskey funny after 12 - 8380817664
Via Le Wein
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Have A Very Crunky Christmas

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We're Getting Close to Christmas

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This Is the Best Time of Year

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By Unknown

Bringing PBR To All The Good Little Hipsters On Christmas

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By Unknown

A Canadian Christmas

beer christmas funny tree - 7906705664
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Really Brings a Tear to My Eye

christmas whiskey christmas tree awesome funny after 12 - 8406074880
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Who Needs Ornaments?

christmas christmas tree funny after 12 g rated - 8396466944
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Even Your Wine Can Have Terrible Christmas Sweaters

bottles christmas funny wine - 7970065664
By Unknown
christmas alcohol cartoons funny Video - 77040385

Bob's Burgers Pays Tribute to Christmas With an Ode to Liquor

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The Preferred Beer of the Christmas Demon

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By Unknown

It's Just Like Christmas

christmas - 5079797760
By Unknown

The Greatest Christmas Present Ever

christmas wine funny - 8407955968
Via Deester42
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