After 12


It Even Has Instructions

alcohol booze bottle drinking instructions whine wine - 5622385664
Created by Unknown

Maybe Don't Take This to the Music Festival

water vodka bottle image Maybe Don't Take This to the Music Festival
Via soccergoalie2

Crunk Critters: This Cat Knows What's Up

bottle cat crunk critters funny - 7856608000
Created by Unknown

Now That's a Wine Glass

bottle wine glass funny after 12 g rated - 7742949888
Created by Unknown

It's Best if Use Empty Bottles

bottle christmas wine funny - 8394089728

Open Beer Like a Boss

bottle Like a Boss beer funny - 7628523776
Created by Unknown

Care for a Shot?

bottle wtf tequila funny shot - 7678003968
Created by Unknown

Superhero Bottle Cozies

now your bottles can stay super cold
Via Pr1nceshawn

Recycling At Its Finest

booze bottle computer recycling - 5122924288
Created by maxystone

A Classic Bottle of Coors

bottle beer bock coors funny - 7670459136
Created by Unknown

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

bottle beer bottle cap gift - 8400350976
Via New England Beer News

Jason Statham Has His own Wine?

"So how long do I let this wine breathe?" "Two minutes, Turkish."
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It Fires a Lot of Shots

bottle vodka funny - 7559250944
Created by Unknown

Crunk Critters: He Loves the Heine

bottle crunk critters Heineken funny - 7865167616
Created by Unknown

Do You Have Any Special Skills?

bottle beer funny - 7720536064
Created by Unknown

What Do Dragons Like More Than Gold? WINE!

bottle dragon wine holder funny - 7622635776
Via Lionheart Designs
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