After 12


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Alfred's After-Hours Cup of Tea

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2 Face

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By xxandiex

Riddler Cocktail

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By RDCocktails

Meet the Villain of The Dark Knight Rises

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By Unknown
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Can Sidekicks Collect Unemployment? Ask Robin

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The Booze This City Deserves, But Not The One It Needs Right Now

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By Unknown
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The Clown Prince of Cocktails

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Alcohol is Like My Kryptonite!

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By Unknown

It Was A Gift From Alfred

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Best Bong Ever

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Bruce Lost All His Money in the Parking Lot

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By Unknown

Bat Booze'd

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By Unknown

To The Bat Bong!

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Batman's Party-Belt

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The Drink that Induces Fear

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Also, I Love Robin More Than You

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