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Excuse me, where's the bathroom? If you're looking for toilet memes to clean out that potty mouth, you've come to the right place.

Put On A Happy Face

bathroom floor happy face passed out sharpie shave - 5042979840
Created by ZipZopZoobityBop

Keg Urinal WIN!

kegs urinal bathroom - 6651896576
Created by beano

Something Looks a Little Spotty

bathroom passed out urine - 4917644032
Created by Unknown

Keep It Clean

Via distinguishedbaloney

Not the Best Place to Pass Out Shirtless

bathroom gross passed out shirtless - 4717264896
Created by Unknown

Leave A Drunk Unattended For Two Seconds, And This Happens

bathroom drunk gross peeing poopin toilet trash can - 5278071040
Created by Unknown

Sometimes We All Need a Little Support

wtf urinal bathroom - 6977395456
Created by Unknown

The Sink Always Make a Good Toilet

bathroom good idea sink toilet - 4675451904
Created by Snake73

When You Gotta Go...

bathroom peeing sink - 4822803456
Created by Unknown

Thongs... Sort of Awkward...

bathroom passed out undies - 4753791232
Created by Unknown

Some Friends Are D-Bags

bathroom friendship Photo puking toilet woo girls - 5460477952
Created by Agdgdgdwngo

The Fetal Position Doesn't Mean You Have to Get Naked

au natural bathroom passed out - 4866519296
Created by djavul

Oh Peanut Butter & Jelly!

bar bathroom wall funny - 7433691904
Created by mbanthony

Now That's a Manly Bath

beer wtf bathroom funny - 8347861504
Via Austin Rudd Photography

Ma'am, I Think You're In The Wrong Place

bathroom drunk gender issues ladies peeing - 5322531072
Created by user576091

Who Uses Toothpaste Anymore

beer bathroom toothpaste funny - 8407971840
Via Dustin 81783