After 12


Don't be a baby, unless your mine. Then it's a different story. These juvenile posts will have you gooing and gaaing all day long.

Someone Is Having a Gorgeous Baby

the PBR ultrasound
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Hush Little Lager Don't Say a Word...

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Kids Hate Other Kids Drinking

beer angry baby kids funny - 8197318400
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Baby Needs Booze

parents need booze
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A Sneaky Flask That Looks Like a Baby

the disgusting baby flask!
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Tanked Toddlers: The Kid Kinda Looks Like A Joint LAWL

baby high pot smoking tanked toddlers - 5469216256
Created by Unknown

Baby, Would It Kill You To Do Something For Me? Just Once?

after 12 alcohol Babies baby beer children comic drinking g rated Hall of Fame lazy parenting - 5532118784
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When You Can't Finish Your Chardonnay

baby funny parents wine - 8267339520
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Tanked Toddlers: Future Badass

baby Badass drinking smoking sunglasses tanked toddlers - 5150632960
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He Only Takes After the Best

baby drunk cute dad - 8436613120
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Tanked Toddlers: Baby's First Kegstand

baby tanked toddlers shirt kegstand - 7004133632
Created by Unknown

Tanked Toddlers: Just Gotta Get The Chips & Dip And We're Set

baby beer coors light shopping shopping cart tanked toddlers - 5654875904
Created by Unknown

That Kid Is Hard Core

beer baby kids huge funny - 8166097408
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The Excitement Starts at an Early Age

beer baby Ermahgerd funny - 8318797056
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Babies, They're Just Drunks

baby drunk funny - 8349987840
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Some Babies Are Just Winos

baby funny wine - 8227496960
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