After 12


That's One Way To Pass Chemistry

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Acid Makes the World Epic

awkward when the acid wears off
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Downside? Friend is a Huge Troll

acid hallucinating lsd me gusta rage comic tripping balls trolling - 6391071488
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Crunk Critters: Oh God, I Think The Acid Just Kicked In

acid Cats colors crunk critters drugs Hall of Fame oh god - 5505544704
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Crunk Critters: The Dog Approves

acid cartoons crunk critters dogs lsd - 6048889856
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I Regret This Decision Immediately

drugs acid - 6751360768
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See? Stoners Can Be Helpful Too!

acid helpful stoner texting - 5774857216
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Dropping Everything And Coming Over

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Acid Does Some Strange Things

acid drugs funny wtf after 12 - 8368376832
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What A Ruff Trip

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Taste The Rainbow

acid colors drugs psychedelic - 5391682304
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The Walls Are Melting

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Best Cookbook Ever

drugs acid funny - 8407906048
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Suddenly I Was Cornfield

acid facebook facebook status failbook lsd - 6453125888
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Acid in Wonderland

acid alice in wonderland lsd tripping tripping balls trippy - 6284207872
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Side-Effects Include:

acid billboard bus stop drugs Hall of Fame poop poop joke - 5369236736
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