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Meanwhile In Japan, One Beer In One Second

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Japanese Twerking Pudding Cocktail? Yep.

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WTF Japan?

beer kids Japan funny - 8135372288
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Japan Loves It's Beer Wenches

wtf anime Japan funny - 8368527360
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2 Hours of Unlimited Alcohol in Japan

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That Robot Is a Terrible Bartender

wtf robots Japan bartender funny after 12 g rated - 8296072704
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Look Who's Advertising for Jim Beam in Japan!

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Japan Has Beer Vending Machines

beer Japan funny vending machine - 8204927488
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Well, That Seems Wrong

beer wrong Japan funny - 8102595840
By Unknown

Rednecks Are Everywhere

beer americana Japan funny redneck - 7921595136
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Beer Pong of the Rising Sun

beer pong table with japanese flag
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beer wtf invention Japan - 49247233

Japan Has Strange Ideas About Beer

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Japan And its Adorable Beers

beer adorable wtf Japan funny after 12 g rated - 8090793984
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Business Drunk on the Subway

drunk passed out Japan Subway funny after 12 g rated - 7879845632
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Crunk Critters: Come After-Hours For The "Special" Stuff

crunk critters dogs drugs Japan smoking tobacco - 5452916736
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