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Germans Make Good Beer, but Weird Ads

beer ads Germany funny vintage - 8197194496
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Brazil & Germany... What Happened?

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Germans Haven't Been to Portland

usa beer portland Germany funny after 12 g rated - 8213695488
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Vacation in Germany and You'll Be too Drunk to Leave

beer Germany funny vacation - 8219286528
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Celebrating Germany's World Cup Win

beer awesome Germany world cup - 8254695168
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When You Win the World Cup, You're Allowed to Have a Beer

world cup Germany soccer funny - 8256227584
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Partying WIN: Pure Skill

german Germany waitress - 6331860736
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McDonald's Is Definitely Better in Germany

beer wtf McDonald's Germany funny after 12 g rated - 7852950528
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Berlin Prepares for the World Cup

beer world cup Germany after 12 g rated - 8220256512
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Drinking Around the World

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Why's Oktoberfest So Popular?

beer bewbs Germany ladies oktoberfest woo girls - 5245057024
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beer wtf bottle opener Germany funny after 12 g rated - 60954369

Opening a Beer in Germany

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Please Pee In The Appropriate Place For Your Drink

bathroom Germany Hall of Fame urinal - 5152957440
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Meanwhile in Germany

beer gas mask Germany funny soldiers - 7969979648
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Gigantoball: Mixing Germans, Booze and Sports

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That Is one Ugly Beer Wench

beer dogs Germany funny - 8134263808
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