After 12


FAIL funny Video - 77076993

If You Attend a Monster Truck Rally on Acid, You're Going to Have a Bad Time

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Sounds Delicious

beer FAIL Star Trek - 8438586624
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FAIL new zealand weed Video police - 210695

New Zealand Small-Town Police Decided to Burn a Bunch of Confiscated Weed and it's Exactly as Stupid as it Seems

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What Could Go Wrong?

beer drunk driving dui FAIL facebook classic - 7176100352
Created by biophys00

Head & Shoulders

beer FAIL funnel kitchen spill - 5156826880
Created by maxystone
FAIL embarrassing Video - 77774849

If You Only Have One Chance to Impress Waka Flocka, Don't Do This

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cops drinking alcohol FAIL driving Video police - 78457089

This is How You Talk Yourself into a DUI

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beer pumpkins FAIL DIY Video - 75446785

Pumpkin Keg FAIL

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FAIL drunk falling Video - 72174849

Being Drunk and Walking at the Same Time is Hard, and He Knows It

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The 5 Second Rule!

chips FAIL gifs gross wtf - 8570566400
Created by MarcusLeary

Should Have Worn Layers

party sleeping image Should Have Worn Layers
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FAIL drunk fighting Video - 84221441

Watching These Two Drunk Dudes Fighting By a Lake Was Way More Entertaining Than it Sounded

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Fbooking What We're All Thinking

beer facebook FAIL - 4984025088
Created by Unknown
whoops FAIL fire Video - 74436865

Do a Demonstration They Said, It Would be Fun They Said

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ouch FAIL drunk embarrassing escalator Video - 84243457

You Know You're Drunk When You're Falling Down an Up Escalator

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crazy drugs FAIL smoking Video - 84192769

Watch This Guy Explore the Great Unknown When He Takes a 2.7 Gram Dab to the Head

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