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Guy lives to regret adding a girl from Tinder on Snapchat | r/tifu Join u/Fazza3107 •6d TIFU By adding girl Tinder on Snapchat. M starters this happened about week ago, lockdown has been very boring many so 18M my ultimate world wisdom decided give good ol' Tinder try an average morning and got match with let's call her Sandra. By about 2pm had been talking back and forth before she ultimately asks my Snapchat which albeit stupidly, complied. Time

Guy Adds Tinder Girl On Snapchat, Lives To Regret It

Yikes, indeed.
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faceplant FAIL keg stand Video whoops - 35808257

Keg Stand, Floor Stand, Same Difference

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Sounds Delicious

beer FAIL Star Trek - 8438586624
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alcohol FAIL drunk classic Video - 79853313

Drunk Bro Consents to KO Slap Another Drunk Bro and He Goes Down Faster Than a Shot of Whiskey

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The FAIL Blog Brand Breathalyzer

breathalyzer drunk driving FAIL science shameless self-promotion technology - 5500070400
Created by philladelphonic

Poll Dancing Lessons Don't Prepare You for the Real World

drinking fail image Poll Dancing Lessons Don't Prepare You for the Real World
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What Could Go Wrong?

beer drunk driving dui FAIL facebook classic - 7176100352
Created by biophys00

Go Home Santa

FAIL too drunk santa claus after 12 Hall of Fame best of week - 6866015744
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FAIL kids - 77325569

I'm Gonna Be Blunt With You Kid, This Isn't Weed

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drinking FAIL parenting football - 140038

Ruthless Dad with a Grade A 'Murican Mullet Shows up to Tailgate Just to Ice All His Son's Friends

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drink beer FAIL beer pong Video - 294663

In Beer Pong, You Might Just Be Your Own Biggest Opponent

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A Lesson in Safety (Past and Present)

A Lesson in Safety (Past and Present)
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Head & Shoulders

beer FAIL funnel kitchen spill - 5156826880
Created by maxystone
Guy accidentally winds up telling same lie over and over again | r/tifu u/isaacturon14• 12h Join TIFU by accidentally getting on retail chain's most wanted list M Funniest story ever. So my twin brother works at retail chain and gets very good discounts. He's allowed re with friends and family (but found out hard way he has be present At store my brother works at all employees need order get their discount is their employee ID, so he shared his with and told l'd be free use

Guy Accidentally Ends Up On Retail's Most Wanted List

Those lies will catch up to you.
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At Least That's One Kid That Learned Sharing is Caring

At Least That's One Kid That Learned Sharing is Caring
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When You Steal and Crash a Cider Truck into a Barn, It's Gonna Be News

funny fail news woman steals and crashes cider truck into barn in Maine
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