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By The_Awesome_Boss
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From her boss: "She was supposed to start at 4pm. Good thing I'm a patient boss."

Managers are Such Kidders! Oh Wait...

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Another great gag from Five Second Films

WARNING: Language is not safe for work. Conversely, the joke is highly relevant TO work. Weigh your options, I suppose.

Like a True Boss

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Much like in this comic, our friend Office Lackey Jack was recently promoted - and now delegates all of his work to me. Hopefully I'll be able to fill his shoes, even though I'm grossly under-qualified and made up half of the stuff on my resume for this job.

In other words, everything is as you'd expect here at Monday Through Friday!

Your new lackey,

Water Cooler Chris

(But no, seriously, I can totally program in C++ and have several years of experience in team management and group communication. Honest!)