This Relentless Package Thief Doesn't Know it, but He Just Stole a Box of Dog Doo

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From My Fox DC:

A D.C. woman was so fed up with thieves stealing her packages on her front step while she was at work that she decided to give them a special delivery.

Frustration overload pushed her to a point where she no longer wanted to be a victim and felt the crooks should get a taste of their own medicine.

"I think he was probably thinking, 'Oh crap' while looking at the crap," said Andrea Hutzler.

With the help of her two dogs, she says she figured out a way to put the brakes on a number of package thefts in her D.C. neighborhood.

The Sellers of "Cards Against Humanity" Sold Actual Bull Poop to Customers on Black Friday

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You may already know of the game "Cards Against Humanity," the "party game for horrible people" (read: "Apples to Apples" for the drunk and ironically racist crowd). Last year the company drove UP the price of their game to spite the feeding frenzy of worthless crap that is Black Friday.

This year, the company outdid themselves, selling a box titled "Bulls**t" in their iconic style. After paying $6 customers found that they were literally shipped manure, as per the description on the page. The product sold out within hours last Friday.

Here's a first-hand look at someone who got totally duped by the product courtesy of Imgur user TheRealCJ:

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