Surprise of the Day: Guy Scares Friend Who Breaks Out Into Sia’s ‘Chandelier’

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Why wasn’t this guy at the Grammys with Kristen Wiig?

This video starts out like a simple prank, and quickly turns into something much more entertaining.

Watch as the man filming tries to scare his friend and ends up getting an earful of “Chandelier.”

Surprise of the Day: Cristiano Ronaldo Plays Soccer with Kid in Disguise

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Real Madrid player and underwear model Cristiano Ronaldo became slightly less ridiculously good looking last week and kicked a soccer ball around with a clueless kid in the streets of Madrid.

He wore a shaggy wig with fake mustache/beard, sunglasses and a baggy sweatsuit, and he carried a blue backpack. Look… he’s just like us!

The two played juggled the ball around a bit without drawing any attention.

He eventually removed his disguise, revealing his true identity to the boy and everyone else in the street who immediately pull out their phones to take pictures.

Before walking away, he gave the boy a hug and signed a ball for him.