Oreo Doughnut Holes, Because You Need the Diabetes and You Need it NOW

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See it all starts off innocently enough with regular doughnut holes, and then things get crazy. Those are mini Oreos stuffed inside them - because they're "low-calorie", see? And then the kicker: a glaze made from the melted primordial ooze of oreo stuffing that's been delicately scraped off of existing cookies.

I'm so sorry, body. This needs to happen.

Yes, That is a Burger With a French Fry Bun. Your Arteries Just Exploded.

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The cruel overlord of food over at The Vulgar Chef calls it a "French Fry Burger Bomb" (because "the burger that f**ked your mom" didn't quite work). We just call it beautiful, delicious death.

Feat of the Day: Watch a Man Eat a 5-Pound Burrito in Less Than 2 Minutes

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Matt Stonie doesn’t savor his food, he demolishes it.

Five years ago, the competitive eater challenged himself to eat a massive burrito as quickly as possible, and he managed to do it in about 15 minutes, according to The Mirror.

To celebrate having 500k followers on YouTube, he recently tried it again and completely crushed his previous record.

“Burritozilla,” as it is called, weighs 5 pounds and is 18-inches long.

Watch him scarf it down in about 1 minutes and 50 seconds.

Stonie has participated in plenty of other food challenges in the past, which you an check out on his YouTube channel, involving pretty much anything you can imagine, including bacon, poutine, egge nog, Twinkies and marshmallow Peeps.