A Welsh Bus Company Just Wants You to Plow Those Buses for as Long as You Can

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These were (note: past tense) the advertisements promoting a Welsh bus company's all-day deal for metro passes. While we give them credit for creating equal-opportunity sexy ads, maybe this wasn't such a hot idea to begin with.

Still, it can't be any worse than Seattle's own short-lived "South Lake Union Trolley."

News Blooper of the Day: Fox 2 Anchor Calls Wednesday a ‘Dry Hump Day’

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Fox 2 Detroit’s Amy Andrews had an interesting way of describing the weather on Wednesday morning.

The news anchor was chatting with Jay Towers and Alan Longstreet about the day’s forecast, with Andrews noting how fast the week was progressing as it was already “hump day.”

“Hopefully we’ll have a dry hump day,” she said.

And the reaction of her co-anchors was priceless.

They took to Twitter later to respond to her little slip of the tongue.