World-Acclaimed Chefs Share Their Ritualistic Hangover Cures, You'll Be Ready for Round 2 In No Time

If there's one breed of hedonistically-inclined boozehound that knows how to silence a soul-crushing hangover, it's a chef. When it comes to the hangover, the chef has the golden recipe that will never fail to alleviate your tired 'ol soul. I don't mean to stereotype here, but growing up, the time I spent working in a restaurant as an alternating busboy/dishwasher (aka Team Bitch) was wrought by regular -- almost daily -- hilarious instances involving red-eyed, booze-on-the-breath, impossibly irritable chefs on epic benders that somehow kept showing up for work. Well, if these hangover cures are any sort of hint as to what they were shoving down their gullet, it might finally all make sense now for how they kept clocking on. 

Big shoutout to the people over at Munchies that pulled this invaluable list of five star, chef-prepared wisdom, together.

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Via: Evening Express
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One of the world's most expensive meals ever (accidentally) signed off on. A man who has chosen to remain anonymous for suspected motivations to retain some dignity, accidentally rang up a $1.3 million dollar meal at Inverurie's Rajpoot Indian Restaurant in Scotland. Before that fat tip, the guy's meal, which included three entrees and drinks came out to be less than $100.

The Evening Express reports that restaurant owner, Abdul Wahid said: "When he came to pay I gave him the card machine and he asked to put in the amount himself but it didn't go through.

"I then had to phone the bank for him and I answered all of the questions and they then gave me the confirmation code.

"At this time he still had the card machine so I never saw the amount he had typed in.

"But 10 minutes later I took the machine and looked at it and I just said 'oh my god what's happened, what have you done my friend'. I looked at the receipt and then he looked at it and he just said 'oh my …'

"He then rang his bank up to say it was the wrong amount and cancel it before paying the correct amount."

"This has to be one of the most expensive meals there has ever been. I have never experienced anything like this. It was really, really shocking,” said Wahid. “I still can’t believe it.”