Fail of the Day: Police Break Open Car Window to Save One Very Realistic Doll
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Police in the UK were fooled by one very realistic looking doll.

What started out as a rescue mission to save a baby left laying in the front seat of a locked car ended in embarrassment for police in Dudley, West Midlands.

After a concerned citizen notified the police of an infant in danger, officers jumped into action—smashing Delesia Rattray's car window. But they didn't find what they expected.

When Rattray returned to her car she found a note from police telling her to call the station. Fearing that a baby's life was in danger, the police smashed her window to save what turned out to be Rattray's 10-year-old sister's baby doll.

The doll was wrapped in a blanket with only its head poking out. Police have since apologized and agreed to cover the cost of replacing the window.

You tried, Dudley police. You tried.

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YouTuber BaronVonGrumble has a veritable tantrum when he spots yet another motorcyclist wearing a deceptive vest.

In the streets of England, some bikers have taken to wearing vests that look a whole lot like police-issued gear, but instead say "Polite" on them. The biker in the video rides up to give a closer view of this irritating trend:

It's apparently caused a lot of discussion in England from those who hate it and those who love it, but they all ground their opinions in the same obvious point — these vests make people around them think the rider is a police officer on duty. That's also called 'impersonating a police officer'.

What makes it even worse is that all of these is actually legal for some reason.

If you love being insufferable, you can buy one for £35.

The other thing you can learn from this video is just how crazily all motorcyclists drive on the other side of the pond (as well as the other side of the road). In between lanes, around lanes, telling people gas caps are open, checking who's smoking pot, it's all a fascinating travelogue complete with a sizzling, acerbic rant.

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