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This is a promotion in the UK to encourage people to try a new Nutella filled Krispy Kreme donut that will start being widely available May 27. The money from the promotional donut sales will go to charity. The video description offers more information:

Krispy Kreme, the American purveyor of all things doughnut, has unveiled an ATM-style contraption in London's Holborn to activate its new Nutty Chocolatta flavour.

The limited edition doughy treat is filled with the popular Nutella sandwich spread and, according a 'leaked memo' PR stunt from the brand, is set to be available nationwide on 27 May.

Krispy Kreme is giving fans the chance to preview the Nutty Chocolatta until 21 May by way of the Hole in the Wall contraption.

Devised by Devries Slam and delivered by creative technology agency Kerve, the system allows passers-by to touch their contactless card to a reader and pay two pounds for their individually-wrapped doughnut. This is presented on a cushion accessed only when a door opens after payment.All proceeds from the activation will be donated to Teenage Cancer Trust.
Isis nutella names Nutella Refused to Customize a Jar of Nutella for a Little Girl Named Isis
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ISIS has come to be known as a terrorist group but before that Isis was an Egyptian goddess who brought her brother/husband Osiris back to life after he was murdered. It's also the name of a five-year-old Australian girl who really wants her name on a jar of Nutella. 

The company Ferrero Australia started a campaign called “Make Me Yours” which allowed people to add their names to jars of Nutella. Allowing the internet to brand your product went predictably wrong.  Department stores, such as the Meyer Isis's mom tried to buy from, are unable to print everything submitted. It might have something to do with gems like this one:

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For the mom of this little girl, being denied a personalized jar of sweet, hazelnut chocolate spread is the last straw in a long line of unforseen consequences cause by the unfortunate name.  She told the Sydney Morning Herald, "I am starting to get to the point where I don't want to call her name out because she's going to start noticing people looking."

Now she's on a mission to reclaim the name.