Now You Can Take a Class to Learn How to Brew Beer

school beer science Now You Can Take a Class to Learn How to Brew Beer
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While California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, CA isn't the first university to hold a class on beer, it is the first to sell the beer made by the brewing class on campus. The increased interest in craft beer may be the reason behind growing popularity in college brewing courses. Cal Poly is only the beginning, Colorado State University also plans to start selling its microbrews made by students. 

Since the craft beer industry is growing, David Ryder, chief brewmaster for MillerCoors told CBS Los Angeles, “This could be a natural progression for college programs."

Bees Mistake a Pizza Delivery Guy's Bike for Their Hive. The Bees Own This Pizza Now.

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A local police officer in Fulham, west London could only say "There's not really a lot I can do here," upon coming to the scene.

I mean, we could always suggest nuking it from orbit, but we all know that would only create a hive of mutant pizza bees. Such is life though, right? 

Certified "Worst Parents in the World" Use Weed, Coke as "Bargaining Tool" for Their Kids' Schoolwork

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We really wish that headline were some kind of joke.

That's Joey and Chad Mudd pictured above. The Florida couple is under arrest for multiple felony child abuse charges and drug possession counts. Mom here managed to get out after posting $5000 in bail, and luckily their teen girls are no longer in their custody.

A Bank Robber is Behind Bars After Posting All of His Deeds on Instagram

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The best part? He insists that he just "politely asked" for the $150,000 and the bank teller gave it to him willingly. That's no way to get faves and likes, dude.

News Blooper of the Day: Fox 2 Anchor Calls Wednesday a ‘Dry Hump Day’

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Fox 2 Detroit’s Amy Andrews had an interesting way of describing the weather on Wednesday morning.

The news anchor was chatting with Jay Towers and Alan Longstreet about the day’s forecast, with Andrews noting how fast the week was progressing as it was already “hump day.”

“Hopefully we’ll have a dry hump day,” she said.

And the reaction of her co-anchors was priceless.

They took to Twitter later to respond to her little slip of the tongue.

Lawsuit of the Day: A Nebraska Woman is Suing All Homosexuals in the Name of Jesus

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A 66-year old woman from Nebraska is suing all gay people, because she thinks homosexuality is a sin, and she wants the law to finally acknowledge it.

Also because she is out of her mind.

Sylvia Driskell filed the lawsuit on May 1 with U.S. District Court of Omaha, and in a handwritten, 7-page document she lists herself as the “ambassador” for the plaintiffs “God and his son, Jesus Christ.”

The defendants are listed as simply “homosexuals” – presumably, every single one of them – which would make for quite a full courtroom.

Here are a few passages from the lengthy, incoherent argument:

I Sylvia Ann Driskell; Contented that homosexuality is a sin, And that they the homosexuals know it is a sin to live a life of homosexuality. Why else would they have been hiding in a closet.

Never before has Our great Nation the United States of America And our great State of Nebraska; been besiege by sin; The way to destroy any Nation, or State is to destroy its morals; Look what happen to Sodom and Gomorrah two city because of the same immoral behavior thats present in Our Nation, in Our States, and our Cities; God destroy them.

After the news broke, Dan Savage simply Tweeted that he hopes to get a chance to testify, which would be amazing.

You can read the whole insane document here.