We've Reached Peak 'Murica: The McMass Project is a Crowdfunding Campaign With the Goal of Putting McDonald's in Church

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This delicious campaign is the brainchild of Lux Dei Design, a New Jersey-based Christian design firm. The firm's tenuous logic is as follows: church attendance is in decline across the United States, and so churches need to find new ways to attract "clientele." Enter, Big Mac.

One of the many reasons why Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic Church way back in the 16th century to form Protestantism was because he disagreed with a common practice which he called the "sale of indulgences." People could sin as much as they wanted, then just simply pay a priest some money and all would be forgiven in the eyes of God.

I wonder what he would think of the literal sale of indulgent burgers these days...

Also, never has this pairing of billboards been more relevant:

People Are Still Incredible, as This McDonald's Rampage Will Prove to You

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EDIT: The original video has been pulled, but you can see a news breakdown of the story here:

FOX 13 News UPDATE: This is the story that keeps on giving. Allegedly the woman in question, Sandra Suarez, went off in that fast food restaurant after an employee of the establishment "turned down her offer of oral sex in the parking lot."

America the beautiful, y'all.

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