Florida Man Beer: You Can Taste the Back of the Cop Car

florida man is cigar city's new IPA
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Via Cigar City:

Cigar City Brewing in Tampa has decided to pay homage to the "world's worst superhero" with its new Florida Man Double IPA, currently available at its tasting room.

So far the response from customers has been positive, especially among those who like their beers "crazy hoppy," according to Cigar City Brewing marketing associate Russell Breslow. He says the beer has "a bright citrusy hop character" with notes of piney resin, apricot, peach, orange and lemon on a solid malt background.

The bottle pictures the same mugshot that's popularly recognized as the @_FloridaMan Twitter account profile picture. Cigar City did a little editing and substituted the marker streaks from the infamous mugshot with a pair of aviator-style sunglasses.

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After 12: And the Lord Did Say "Let's Party"

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Farmer John then attempted to drink the entire barrel. The next morning he woke up in a field six miles away from his farm with a lamp-shade on his head and an arm full of sharpie representations of genitals.