One Internet legend shared his amazing story of how he joined a white pride Facebook group, gained admin power, and eventually changed the name to 'LGBT Southerners for Michelle Obama.' It sounds like a hack, but it's actually a lot easier than you would ever imagine.

The first step of the troll begins with befriending a large amount of racist Facebook "friends," which is actually quite simple, according to Virgil Texas (our protagonist in this story).

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In Relationship You Have To Keep Pudding Love First
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There are so many things to discuss about this image, please choose from any number of them: 

  • so many shampoo options
  • why the tarp?
  • are those cookies in the pudding
    • are they vanilla wafer cookies?
  • what does his tiny below-the-n*pple tattoo say?
  • why is there a window on the shower's back wall?
  • was the photo album title really neccessary?
  • where do they even sell pert plus anymore?!
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