Underage Students Get Arrested With All the Beer in the Universe

these kids bought so much beer
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Via NOLA.com: 

Deputies confiscated 106 18-packs of Natural Light beer, five 12-packs of Corona beer and five liters of Franza wine. Deputies also took several bottles of rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey.

The kids were pulled over due to expired tags. When the cop asked if they could search the trailer they consented. 

Man Dressed as Kim Jong Un Gets Drunk and Makes Out With 30+ Women

time to start dressing up as kim jong un
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The Hong Kong accountant (whose name remained anonymous) through quite a party in the stands of the Hong Kong Rugby 7s.

From his interview:

Making out with 30, maybe even 40 girls as the Supreme Leader. I don't know why but girls seem to like the supreme leader... I vaguely remember a guy telling me to kiss his girlfriend.