breaking bad coffee A 'Breaking Bad' Themed Coffee Shop Is Coming to New York
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Walter's Coffee Roastery opened up in Instanbul about a year ago. It was a wonderful idea, presumably based off of this sequence from the TV series 'Breaking Bad':

Now they are bringing the chemical themed roastery and coffee shop to Brooklyn, New York by the end of this summer.  They plan to bring the same level of coffee chemistry and 'Breaking Bad' references that caused the internet to fall in love with them in the first place. 

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Since the dawn of sliced bread have we not seen such grand ingenious culinary innovation. Yes folks, in large thanks to Brandeis University professor Daniel Perlman, we're about to take a step into a world where you can sustain a legit caffeine buzz (like several cups worth) off a muffin.

During his interview with Eater, Perlman says, "This flour contains 2.5 percent caffeine by weight, so if you were to put 4 grams of this into, say, a breakfast muffin, it would be the equivalent of drinking a cup of coffee."

Hold the phone. Say what now? And yes, it gets better; this flour's derived from green coffee beans, and rich in major health benefits. The roasting process for these green coffee beans helps retain antioxidant chlorogenic acid, which scientists believe can significantly diminish your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

If you're someone who's susceptible to over self-medicating on that java fix, Perlman says not to worry too much. He explains, ""Unlike some bars that are loaded with chemically purified or synthesized caffeine, this is natural food source caffeine. I would expect it to be absorbed a little more gradually than the caffeine in a cup of coffee, so [it would offer] a more sustained release and longer-term stimulation than you get when you drink a cup or two of coffee."

Perlman additionally informed Eater his coffee flour is a "very user-friendly ingredient", meaning it's pleasingly easy to bake with. Put your hands together and give a warm round of applause my fellow novice bakers.

Backlash of The Day: Was This Starbuck's Barista's Flirty Message on A Cup Inappropriate?
Via: MailOnline
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You gotta watch out for those Starbucks lovers.

Laura Roberts, a 19-year-old customer at Starbucks in London, received a rather flirty (and cheesy) message on her coffee cup from a male barista.

The unidentified employee scratched out the hot coffee warning and left this message: "Careful you're extremely hot" with an arrow and smily face.

Calm down, lover boy!

The thing is Roberts is engaged and her mom has Facebook—both big problems. Her mom posted a photo of the cup on the Sh*t London Facebook page.

The post received tons of backlash and angry comments, but Roberts is choosing to not identify the barista.

"It's my local Starbucks and he's lovely," she told MailOnline. "He always does it."

"That day I sent a picture of the cup to my mum, because she lives quite far away and she put the picture on Facebook."

Moral of the story: Keep mom off Facebook.

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