The Rob-meister.

Yesterday, everyone was talking about ¡Rob! Not the failed TV show, Rob Schneider, the man know for inhabiting very stupid movies, like Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, The Animal, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, The Hot Chick, and other stupid things.

Yesterday, following John Lewis describing our billionaire, reality-TV gameshow host president elect as “illegitimate," Schneider snapped back with this ill-advised tweet:

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Needless to say, Twitter wasn’t crazy about Rob Schneider, a comedian who spends most of his time in Adam Sandler vacation movies, lecturing a Civil Rights-hero on Civil Rights. So they let him know.

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fans try to save brendan frasers career through change org petition
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Since the announcement of a new Mummy movie sans Brendan Fraser, fans of the former Encino Man have been making moves to save the 48-year-old actor’s career. Fraser, who has largely been unseen since his role in the (somehow) Oscar-winner Crash, has kept a low profile these last few years. But in the weeks since the Mummy trailer’s release, intense fan interest has emerged.

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Over 34,000 signatures now grace a change.org petition to “Bring Brendan Fraser back into film/television.” Following his 2007, the petition reads, Fraser is required by law to pay $900,000 annually in alimony. The petition pleads with he networks to help get Fraser “back on his feet again” because “we miss him.”

Other efforts to rescue a man that has rescued us from a dull time at the movies many times over have included the #SaveBrendanFraser hashtag on Twitter and, as The New York Post points out, “successfully campaigned to get his ranking on IMDb among the top 500 actors.”

As for the new Mummy, Fraser has given Cruise his blessing saying, “Tom’s going to be great in it. He has incredible worldwide appeal.”

We miss you, Brendan. Good luck.

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