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This auto-text was sent out by a Dallas Fox TV affiliate, I guess somebody at the station was a little overconfident (for those of you not following baseball out there, St. Louis won a thrilling game 6, complete with game-winning home run to center by David Freese).

This woman, the new dream girl of baseball fans everywhere, was also in attendance.

Via: Sun Sentinel
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One ruthlessly kills thousands of people and the other is nice place to relax in the sun.

In an interview last week with CNN, U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz. mistakenly referred to Boko Haram, the Islamist terrorist organization in Nigeria, as “Boca Raton,” the city in Florida.

They were discussing the issue of paying ransom to terrorists for kidnapping victims.

“Once you start doing that, then everybody, every American citizen traveling abroad becomes a subject in regard for kidnapping and then the plight of how much money has been captivated in the Boca Raton group,” Gosar said.

The mayor of the city in Florida, Susan Haynie, laughed at the mistake.

“While I’m pleased that the congressman from Arizona would have the name of Boca Raton on his lips, I am disappointed that he would confuse our vibrant, beautiful city with a movement promoting Islamist insurgency in Nigeria,” she said.

It was a simple slip of the tongue. Just don’t make the same one when planning your spring break this year.