shreiff says department not checking facebook for dapl protestors
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Just a quick update on all those Facebook check-ins in North Dakota yesterday. As it turns out, the Morton County Sherrif's Department says that it is not looking at check-ins to verify protestors of the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

The Morton County Sheriff's Department took to Facebook and said: 

via @MortonCountySD

Yesterday, thousands of Facebook users "checked in" at Standing Rock Indian reservation in Cannon Ball, ND in hopes of confusing police and showing support for the activists.

Despite the validity of the original post, The LA Times says, "Some Native American activists still welcomed the check-ins as another form of showing support for the months-long protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, proposed to run past tribal land on its route between North Dakota and Illinois."



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Rest easy, everyone. According to the experts in the comment section, the massive plant was picked prematurely, which means the those ladies were picked before they had a chance to grow up into some righteous herb. #RIP

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