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In the President's continued attempts to reach out to young voters, Barack Obama sat down with David Karp of Tumblr to take questions from the microblogging community. The humble "ask" feature has finally made it to American politics! Check out the full video of the event here:

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Via LA Times
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Facebook just announced its purchase of Instagram, the ever-popular sepia-toned image-sharing service. This is just another blow to hipsters everywhere, as last week the app made its way to Android phones. No word yet how this deal will change its use via Facebook, but be prepared to have desaturized pictures of cheap food clogging up your news feed very soon.


The Best and the Worst of Last Night's First 2016 Presidential Debate

Last night Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debated passionately for 90 minutes at Hofstra University in New York, for the first Presidential Debate; and it was just about as ridiculous as anyone might expect it to be. Here are some of the highlights making the rounds on our news feed today.

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Via Yahoo
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The Unicode Consortium responsible for standardizing text characters and emoji across different platforms recently announced that they'll be unleashing a new batch of characters for 2016. You can see some of the highlights above from Yahoo, including the much-requested "selfie" and "bacon" emoji.

The elephant in the room, however, is the lack of a taco emoji. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO EXPRESS TACO BELL REGRET, UNICODE CONSORTIUM? You expect me to use my words like an Actual Human Being? That's gosh-dang absurd and you know it.

If you're curious the emoji subcommittee (again a Real Thing and not something we just made up) has some explanations for their selections. Otherwise, here's a list of what's the come in 2016:

Face with cowboy hat
Clown face
Nauseated face
Rolling on the floor laughing
Drooling face
Lying face
“Call me” hand
Raised back of hand
Left-facing fist
Right-facing fist
Hand with first and index finger crossed
Pregnant woman
Face palm
Man dancing
Man in tuxedo
Mother Christmas
Wilted flower
Motor scooter
Octagonal sign
Clinking glasses
Black heart
Fox face