Meet Your New 'Like' Button

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Meanwhile, in the Super Important Big News That Drastically Affects Your Life department, Facebook is changing the design of its 'like' button for the first time. Meanwhile, it's been 84 years and we still have no 'dislike' button, and will likely never have one.

Dammit, now I've got to use my imagination!

A Church in Amsterdam Held a Funeral for the Facebook "Like." RIP, Likes!

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Curious about their reasoning? Here's the manifesto they released regarding the bizarre funeral:

Not too long ago, this development led to a miraculous occurrence. A new technology turned the act of Liking into a commodity, hence into a symbolic totem and a new belief, at a time when faith in religion and our monetary system is crumbling.

At first these "Likes" seemed innocent. A gift bestowed upon us unconditionally and in overabundance. Sometimes the Likes would pile up like presents under a Christmas tree. But soon we started craving for more and eventually the "Like" became the opium of the masses. And now society has forgotten the real act of Liking. [...]

And instead of taking action to make change happen, our activism has been reduced and confined to the square inches of our computer screen activism has become clicktivism. We express our dislike of what is happening in the real world with a Like.

We as a society need to focus on real actions and intentions, rather than the symbolic reward bestowed on things by a mouse click. We must never forget that the real reward of Liking lies amongst ourselves and inside our communities.

Orwell Called It

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I, like, have no idea what he's talking about.